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  WuXi municipality finely bulges the daily life installation limited companies to be to give birth to different type to trade warmhearted installation and the air-condition installation special company , and specially designs coiling slice and bimetal against manufacture to roll ,Slice , the suit slice payes a visit to the slice , along with the bimetal rolls the slice radiates heat put in order the tube .The heat sink alias " air heat exchanger " and " air-cooling utensil " and awaits that it goes to Steam , tall warm water either heat conduction oil is used for heating the air , and goes to into lets drop warm water and freon and so on becoming cool the air .The produce is applicable to hot wind heating and emptying Shifts , staving , cooling and except for damp .Is living medicine , chemical industry , light industry , papermaking , printing and dyeing , arid and large steel works of timber and electrical machinery cooling and so on wholly
  There is the most wide-ranging application . The at the same time , there is design of more than ten years air-condition history in native corporation , and haves specially having a good command one lot , and the refrigeration being very experience and purifies technique engineer , and specially go in for system installation , automatic control together with constant temperature constant humidity ruing that the conditioner is prepared and the development , and the style at main manufacture door is employed reaching the large middle air-condition to cool warmhearted water set and such necessary tip extremity installation set The corporation haves the high velocity and dashes the high efficiency that slice engine and machine go up the well-developed installations of a complete set such as the Guan Jiji vacuum heats aridly , washes and high-handed leak hunting and so on voluntarily
  The heat exchanger assembly line , appropriating lost property service filled a vacancy and supplies during native corporation is ready to reach else installations in the interest of every unit forms a complete set the item to form a complete system

The main produce of corporation possess :

Heat exchanger set :
  ,TL and TTS¨s mould form cools the utensil , adopts copper Guan Tao's aluminum sheet and copper Guan Tao tong slice to trade temperature either cooling , that Heat exchanger 16mm pitch 38mm Guan Kong slice act as the ripple away from 2.5-3.2mm aluminum sheet Form twin turn-up
  ,GL and SRZ , Un and S's mould heat sink , adopts the steel tube to coil steel bdlt either aluminum tape and copper Guan Rio The copper brings and stainless steel coils stainless steel is brought to act as radiates heat puling in order the tube , and is used the water that steam is warm to heat
  ,Flat Guan Shi heat sink BGL
  ,.FUZ and FZ and SQR's mould heat sink adopts steel aluminum either copper aluminum compositely to roll the slice writings to radiate heat to put in order the tube . The steam is used heat conduction oil either being heated . Heat pipe heat exchanger , helix board-like heat exchanger and file Guan Shi Condenser and different air - the water-cooling yet heat exchanger
  ,.SZS and the QZS and DZS's mould completely hollow steam of stainless steel plus the damp utensil to possess the hand to stir and the steam stirs and the electricity Sting three kinds of shapes may meet the environment moisture demand. Air-condition set : 
Air-condition set :    
  ,Wind cools that the warmhearted pump cools warmhearted water set : Adopt 20 to cool time in the interest of the basic module compose , and also may manufacture into the commercial ( villa mould ) little scale set cold water set
  ,Housetop style air-condition set : Adopts by the entire refrigeration systematically outside the entire style air that embodies to be living inner place the shell box grain installation , and may plus joins different type of meritorious service capacity length , attains the constant humidity to cease the demand with constant temperature merely , and also either manufactures the component part of the body piping type style
  , Air-blower coil set : Set produces such as main the going from place to place wind mould , horizontal dim mould the packing , horizontal Ming mould the packing , upright dim mould the packing , upright Ming mould the packing , mould putting up style mould and clothes closet style mould and so on
  , Fresh wind changes into amount of wind set : Chiefly a style , horizontal are suspend and upright three kinds of basics form , the amount of wind is through 1000m3 till 45000m3
  , The style compose air-condition set : That produce chiefly possess 12 kinds of rated amount of wind , and has to filter , becomes cool and the electricity is heated and the steam is heated and the electricity plus Went Pen to trench . Start and medley follows the example of and so on the air handle meritorious service capacity
  My corporation is coinciding the business is as good as word the in common , bank special grade credit business and country AAA business . We are ready to Serve in the interest of you with all one's heart with classic installation technique , classic personnel staff's quality , classic produce quality and classic attitude in waiting on guests Heat exchanger

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